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Gifted and Thriving offers online educational courses, Signature Series Live Webinars, onsite and online workshops, books/e-books/articles, along with many other resources to support gifted/2e families, individuals, educators, employers and all who support and interact with the gifted/2e community.

Signature Series Live Webinars with Dr. Mike and Special Guest Experts

Gifted and Thriving's original Signature Series Live Webinars with Dr. Mike and special guest experts share information on relevant and timely topics that the gifted/2e community needs most to understand, learn more about and support the holistic needs of the gifted/2e individual.  All sessions are over an hour long with additional audience Q&A at the end, and are recorded so you can keep them as long as you like!

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Gifted and Thriving's Online Courses

Gifted and Thriving offers pre-recorded courses for a variety of audiences and topics.  At this time two courses have been completed on the topic of neurodiversity (one for parents and another for educators). We also have developed a "Passion Project" course for students Dr. Mike leads directly in small groups.  We are planning on offering more courses in 2021 on topics such as creativity, assessment, designing gifted programming, anxiety/depression, processing speed/working memory and much more.  These are self-paced courses that allow you to work through the material at your own pace.

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Gifted and Thriving's Workshops

Before the pandemic struck in Spring of 2020, Dr. Postma regularly conducted onsite workshops on a variety of topics related to gifted/2e education to school districts and independent schools across the nation including Phoenix, Los Angeles, Reno, Houston, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Texas, Kentucky and many others.  These workshops are full day events, and on occasion, two-day workshops, including a session for parents.  Topics include neurodevelopment, program design, assessment of gifted, characteristics and challenges, educational strategies, curricular programming and more.

Additional topics and formats for gifted/2e parents, employers, gifted adults and young adults are also  available.  Contact Gifted & Thriving for more information and rates. 

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Dr. Postma's Book's and Articles

Dr. Postma has written two books on the topics of twice-exceptional students and one on the impact of history standards on minority populations.  He is currently working on a third book on neurodevelopment with Dr. Matt Zakreski with expected completion in the fall of 2021.  He has also authored and co-authored a number of articles published in many outlets.  

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Kevin P.

"Each session of the fit course has been such a revelation and we have learned so much valuable, practical information from each session.  We highly recommend other parents of their gifted/twice-exceptional child take this course."

Judie L.

"Great topics in this course.  They are deep, but not too deep as they are broken down well for us to learn.  I liked that each session built upon the previous session and the guidebook was so helpful to make it personal for our son and family's journey.  Great course!"

Joan C.

"High quality product with such helpful and informative content that we put into practice and understood our gifted son better.  I especially loved the live parent discussion groups each week."