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Gifted and Thriving offers many different support services for families, schools/educators as well as mental health professionals.  Consulting and coaching, gifted/2e educational programming and school development, special event/conference planning, keynote and event speaking, as well as parent/family/educator community support groups are just some of the many services we offer and have a long history of success and experience in providing.  Check out our offerings below!


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Family Support Services


Client Coaching and Consultation Services

In the modern era of high stakes education, gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) children/teens are often ignored by an educational system lacking the resources, knowledge, and even, motivation to sustain their academic, social and emotional needs.  Given their atypical neuro-development characterized by significant gap between intellectual prowess and social/emotional delay, these individuals require specific training focused on challenges with executive functioning, emotional control, social skills and metacognition; skills needed to thrive both in school, college and the work force.  With more than two decades of experience (and raising) gifted and 2e children, Dr. Postma has the unparalleled credentials to provide your family with the tools necessary to experience success at both home and beyond.


I do a holistic approach that includes both the child/children and parents, and unlike a classical psychological approach *, I focus on strengths and interests first to assist with the areas of challenge.  We begin with examining the underpinnings of asynchrony that can be found in understanding atypical metaphysical development of gifted/2e children after which we move into developing a solid metacognitive sense of self that enables the building of confidence in oneself and how that applies to all situations whether that be school, home, or community.  Then we design strategies to overcome the challenges.  Typically, sessions move in the following order:

Week 1 and 2:  Information Gathering:  I meet with the parent(s)/guardian to discuss the issues/challenges that the child is struggling with.  This can include any assessment information, narratives, school experiences, social records, and anything relevant to the child's past.  I also ask the parents to compose a developmental history of the child to assist in determining root causes.  Week 2 may also include a review of information/videos related to atypical neurodevelopment and how that influences the development of schema (or self).  The child may also be introduced during these weeks.

Week 3 and 4:  The development of a plan to move forward to assist the child in developing a positive metacognitive process of self-acceptance.  Again, this is completed with the parent(s)/guardian and the child (if the child is mature enough).  It is important for the child to develop a positive narrative that reflects their strengths, interests, abilities, and connections to enable them to face life's ongoing challenges.

Week 5 and Beyond: Once a plan is put in place, we work together to move forward.  In most cases, the parent(s)guardians are involved weekly.  With older children, those parental check-ins may be bi-weekly.

*Dr. Postma is not a psychologist or therapist, but brings over two decades of experience working with gifted and twice-exceptional children, including his own four children, 3 of whom are 2e young adults.

Pricing:  Please contact us for pricing for special and individual needs but general pricing usually follows:

Initial Consultation (1 hour):  Free ($150 value)

One time retainer fee (required before the first visit) $250.00

Weekly Sessions (approximately 1 hour each):  $400.00 monthly

Bi-Weekly Sessions:  $250 monthly

Also included in monthly pricing is all of Gifted and Thriving's Community Support groups, access to Dr. Mike on an as need basis and other webinars and info to help families understand their gifted/2e journey's.

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Support Groups

Throughout the year, Gifted and Thriving hosts a variety of support groups for families and individuals based on special topics or just general support.  Current and relevant topics are discussed along with solutions and resources shared within the group, which meets bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings.  We also hold special book discussion groups throughout the year, as well as topic-focused workshops/support groups.  Check out the event calendar for further support group descriptions, pricing and dates for upcoming group meetings.

Check Out Our Support Group Calendar Here

Gifted School Programming, Speaking/Workshops and Special Event/Conference Planning Services


Gifted School Programming and Evaluations

Dr. Postma has experience with full program evaluation including identification procedures, pedagogical delivery, assessment, curriculum and instruction design.  Additionally, Dr. Postma designed the Minnetonka Navigator Program (a magnet school for highly gifted/2e students), which included building a case to the school board, parents and community for funding and approving it,  why and how it was needed, selecting appropriate curriculum, teachers, staff, location design and more.  It is currently a highly effective elementary model that has provided the basis for gifted schools across the United States.  Assistance with designing and implementing gifted programs or schools is available.  Contact Dr. Postma directly at [email protected] for more information.

Speaking and Workshops

Dr. Postma speaks both nationally and internationally on a wide variety of topics within the field of education, neurodiversity, and giftedness/multi-exceptionalities.  Both keynote addresses and conference sessions are available.  

Full and half-day workshops for educators/school districts and other interested parties are available (full day workshops may include an evening parental event).  

Fees vary based on need and length of the workshop.  Travel expenses are charged in addition to the workshop fees.  Contact Dr. Postma directly at [email protected] for more information.

Conference Planning


As the past Executive Director and current Programming Director for SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted), Dr. Postma has organized and conducted five national conferences, as well as a number of regional conferences.  Full event conference planning or assistance is available and fees vary based on the scope and size of the event.  Contact Dr. Postma directly at [email protected] for more information.

Patricia K.

"As the director of a school for highly and profoundly gifted children, it's important that my teachers and staff receive top notch professional development that is geared specifically for individuals that work to support and develop this specialized group of children.  Mike Postma delievered on that, and provided my teachers and staff foundational knowledge along with practical and useful strategies to use in the classroom.  Mike knows his stuff and my staff found him to be engaging and all left the training feeling much better prepared.  Mike's sense of humor, clear command of the subject matter, and approachable style made for a very productive day of learning.  We highly recommend Mike."

Kyla H.

"My family has been working with Mike for a few months now, and we have come such a long way in a short time. Mike has given us a direction. He has been a steady and guiding hand during our family chaos. He has given us hope that we’ll be ok. Mike is not a magician and he can’t wave a magic wand and immediately fix everything. It takes hard work to see improvement. But if you‘re looking for someone to put on their hard hat and and do that work with you, we wholeheartedly recommend Mike."

Dina B.

"Dr. Postma's full day teacher training workshop titled "Understanding the Social/Emotional Needs of Giftedness Through a Lens of Neurodiversity", with its emphasis on understanding how various aspects of the brain impacts students learning and affect was exactly what my gifted teachers needed.  They left the training feeling empowered in their new understandings and put the information to use immediately in their classroom instruction and in their interactions with their students.  I highly recommend this training for both veteran and new teachers, as well as for school administrators and school psychologists."