The Fit: Neurodiversity and Its Impacts on the Gifted Individual

A 7 session self-paced online course to better understand, advocate for and parent your uniquely wired child and move your family from a place of surviving to THRIVING!


Relevant Topics Key to Understanding

7 pre-recorded, self-paced sessions (over 9 hours of material) starting with Understanding Giftedness, Neurodiversity and the latest Gifted/2e Brain Research, Metacognition (self-understanding) and the common issues that come from the gifted child's asynchronous development, gifted Identification, Finding the Right School Fit and the Parenting Support Portal and more!

Find Hope in Development of a Family Action Plan

Each session comes with a detailed guidebook/workbook along with an overall Family Action Plan designed for the specific needs of your family, with strategies that you can implement right away. Developed and led by Dr. Michael Postma who has been leading and serving in the GIfted/2e Community for over 2 decades. Joined by his wife Julie, together they have raised 4 gifted/2e children and know first hand how support from this community and having an effective plan will help your family navigate this complex journey too!

Flexible, Easy to Use and Go at Your Own Pace

Utilizing a private and secure online learning platform you can easily log in anytime, anywhere on any device and listen to the sessions as it fits into your busy schedule. And keep the course materials for as long as you like!

Here's What You'll Learn

Gifted/2e children often struggle with issues related to social/emotional growth and/or regulation. As a result, large numbers of these students battle anxiety, stress, emotional regulation, social anxiety, and even have difficulty with executive functioning. This is due to asynchronous development related to intense sensory integration (epigenetics) that can easily overwhelm an already vulnerable limbic system. This series will outline the latest neuro research on the gifted/2e brain and how it affects metacognition (or self understanding). Each session is designed to inform and provide practical strategies to help your gifted/2e child and family move from a place of simply surviving to thriving in every communal environment including schools (Session 5). You will learn that developing social and emotional foundations are critical to the success of every gifted/2e child/individual in any life setting whether that be in school, at home or within the greater community. You will also learn why that is and what it takes to get there.

In Session 1 - Understanding Giftedness - you will learn:

  • Define giftedness - It comes in all shapes and sizes!
  • Understand giftedness and twice-exceptionality (2e)
  • Examine the many (and often competing) definitions and misunderstandings around the term
  • Explain and discuss controversial issues around the Bell Curve and its implications
  • Define the different levels of giftedness
  • Know the characteristics of giftedness
  • Introduce the Family Action Plan 

In Session 2-Neurodiversity:  The Gifted/2e Brain- you will learn:

  • Explore the latest research around both typical and atypical brain development
  • Understand atypical development and what is asynchrony and what does it look like
  • Understand what is neurodiversity and its impact on daily living
  • Why neurodiversity matters with gifted and twice-exceptional children/individuals
  • Learn how to use the understanding of neurodiversity to inform your parenting/teaching/advocacy strategies

In Session 3 - Developing Metacognition (self understanding) Part A - you will learn:

  • What is Metacognition and why it's so important to develop in the gifted/2e child
  • How Metacognition develops in the gifted/twice-exceptional child/individual
  • How issues of Limbic Delay and Epigenetics impact the gifted child/individual's balance and development of their social, emotional and intellectual selves 
  • How to build social/emotional foundations for life-long success
  • Re-framing 'Normality' in gifted and twice-exceptional children/individuals
  • How to develop those 'Superpowers' in our children with practical strategies for all ages of gifted individuals (including parents!)

In Session 3 -Metacognition and Potential Issues and Coping Strategies Part B - you will learn:

  • Understand common social/emotional issues with asynchronous, gifted individuals
  • Explore how anxiety, depression, perfectionism, isolation, executive functioning, fatigue, frustration and anger affect gifted/2e children, adolescents and young adults specifically
  • Develop strategies in how to deal with these common issues
  • Balance and accept behaviors using a gifted/2e mirror

In Session 4 - Identification - you will learn:

  • Understand the importance of early identification
  • Know the potential problems and issues with common identification methods today
  • Review of Public School Assessments vs. Private Assessments
  • Interpret intellectual assessment scoring (specifically the WISC series)
  • How to use Identification as a form of advocacy
  • Recognize the wide spread issues of misdiagnosis and the impact on the gifted child

In Session 5 - The Right Educational Fit - you will learn:

  • The importance of finding the right educational fit for your child
  • Discuss issues around K-12 education and importance of asking the right questions
  • Teach you the vocabulary of education ("Edu-speak") and learn what questions to ask
  • Understand school  identification models and Gifted Program identification expectations
  • Understand what school programs can offer in terms of programming, curriculum, instructional delivery, scope and sequence, teacher characteristics, support, resources and more
  • Discuss the impact of IEP's and 504 plans and how to use them to better advocate for your child
  • Know all your options to inform and help you make the right choice for your child

In Session 6 - The Parenting Portal - you will learn:

  • Summarize the course and help finalize your Family Action Plan
  • Parenting through your child's developmental stages from early childhood to young adult and launching in their life
  • Recognize potential pitfalls within each stage and develop effective strategies for each
  • Discuss common issues around discipline, communication, adolescent dating, gaming and much more
  • Strategies for taking care of yourself, your relationships and ideas for balance, work and life outside of parenting your gifted child!

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