The Parent Survival Guide Digital Online Course for Neurodiverse Families

A six session pre-recorded digital online course with parent community support and live coaching designed for parents of gifted/twice-exceptional (2e) neurodiverse children.


Registration is now open through September 14, 2022. Register Here today!

Learn how to better understand, advocate for and connect with your neurodivergent child and other neurodiverse families to help and support one another in a safe and comfortable environment. You'll also have the opportunity to develop a Specific Family Action Plan to move your family from a place of struggle and crisis to a plan of action that will give your family hope and healing. Together – as a family –  you'll move to a place of thriving!

Here's What's Included

(6) Pre-recorded Video Lessons

Participants will have unlimited and forever access to 6 pre-recorded video lessons developed by Dr. Mike Postma that covers some of the most commonly requested info that parents are looking for in understanding their neurodiverse child (children and family).  This will serve as the foundation for discussion with other parents, coaching sessions with Dr. Mike and Julie, and in building your own Family Action Plan to help your family grow and thrive. 

Video lessons are 1 hour in length and accessible 24/7 via Gifted & Thriving’s secure and private Learning Management Portal.

Participants have forever access to all video lessons and sessions materials.

(6) Live Coaching Sessions on Zoom

Dr. Mike and Julie will host 6 live coaching sessions via video on Zoom and/or Circle Community.

These sessions will be open for any/all to attend and will be open for Q&A, discussion of specific topics, help build your Family Action Plan, or just "download" with other parents in a safe and comfortable environment.

Parents will gain insight and coaching from facilitators Dr. Mike and Julie Postma as well as other group members.

Private Online Community

Parents will have 24/7 access to Gifted & Thriving’s online Circle Software (not a Facebook Group!) Community Group – reserved only for participants in this workshop.

You can easily connect with other parents to share ideas and Q&As on lesson materials or just offer encouraging support and words to other parents who understand what this journey is all about and are "in it" as well.  It takes a Village to raise a child, but perhaps it takes an entire City to raise our neurodiverse kids! 

You'll also be able to access supportive video content, participate in live group discussions, and more!

PLUS INCLUDING 2 *MAJOR* FREE BONUSES (When you sign up by September 14th)

BONUS #1: Access to Gifted and Thriving's 2022 Gift-a-Palooza Summit

Free access to Gifted and Thriving's first annual Gift-a-Palooza where you will learn from over 30+ Gifted/2e/Neurodiverse experts in our field.  Great information, great help and wonderful resources - you will love all of these amazing speakers - many whom "wrote the books"  (literally!) to understanding and teaching and helping our gifted thrive in their lives. ($197 value)

BONUS #2: Access to Gifted & Thriving's Library of Signature Series Webinars

Parents will have free access to Gifted & Thriving's full library of Signature Series Webinars with Dr. Mike and special guest experts discussing various topics relevant to our community needs ($300 value).

Don't Wait to Begin Your Support and Connect with Other Neurodiverse Families - Special Promo Pricing for only $97!

The new school year is upon us and we as parents all need help and support to get through another unpredictable year. Registration is now open and this special offer price of $97 closes September 14th, 2022. We hope you will join us and this amazing community!

Meet Your Instructors and Coaches

Dr. Mike & Julie Postma

Dr. Mike and Julie Postma have over 25+ years of experience in coaching, teaching and raising their own 4 unique gifted/2e kids who have grown into young adults–thriving in their lives and on their own terms.

Both Mike and Julie are trained and certified SENG Model Parent Group (SMPG) facilitators.

Learn More about Dr. Mike & Julie

What You'll Learn

Gifted/2e children often struggle with issues related to social/emotional growth and/or regulation. As a result, large numbers of these children battle anxiety, stress, emotional regulation, social anxiety, and even have difficulty with executive functioning.

This is due to asynchronous development related to intense sensory integration (epigenetics) that can easily overwhelm an already vulnerable limbic system.

This workshop will outline the latest neuro research on the gifted/2e/neurodivergent brain and how it affects metacognition (or self understanding). Each session is designed to inform and provide practical strategies to help your gifted/2e child and family move from a place of simply surviving to thriving in every communal environment including schools.

You will learn that developing social and emotional foundations are critical to the success of every gifted/2e/neurodivergent child/individual in any life setting whether that be in school, at home or within the greater community. You will also learn why that is and what it takes to get there.

"High quality product with such helpful and informative content that we put into practice right away and we were able to understand our gifted son better. I especially loved the live discussion groups each week - just wonderful to have this community and support"

Joan C.

"Great topics. They were deep, but not too deep as they are broken down well for us to learn. I liked that each session built upon the previous session and the guidebook was so helpful to make it personal for our son and our familyā€™s journey. Great course!"

Judie L.

"Each session of this workshop has been such a revelation and we have learn so much valuable and practical information from each session. We highly recommend other parents of their gifted/twice-exceptional child take this course."

Kevin P.

"I love the family approach Dr. Mike and Julie use in their workshop and coaching sessions. It really helps in getting our family on the same page together, and helps in our communications with one another and in building a family plan of action to move forward. We have all learned so much and are feeling hopeful again!"

Darla V.

Week / Session 1

Understanding Gifted/2e/Neurodiversity ā€“ What Does It Mean?

  • Defining Giftedness - It comes in all shapes and sizes!
  • Define the Different Levels of Giftedness
  • Examine the Many (and often competing) Definitions of Giftedness and Misunderstandings Around the Term
  • Explain and Discuss Controversial Issues Around the Bell Curve and Its Implications
  • Introduce the Family Action Plan Guide and Workbook

Week / Session 2

Hyper Brain/Hyper Body ā€“Ā Understanding the Gifted/2e/Neurodiverse Brain

  • Explore the Latest Research from Both Typical and Atypical Brain Development
  • Understand Atypical Development and Asynchrony
  • Understand What Neurodiversity Is and Its Impacts on Daily Living
  • Why Neurodiversity Matters with Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Individuals
  • Learn How to Use the Understanding of Neurodiversity to Inform Your Parenting and Advocacy Strategies

Week / Session 3

Common Issues/Challenges and the Development of Self (Metacognition)

  • Understand What Metacognition Is
  • How Metacognition Develops in the Gifted/Twice-Exceptional Individual
  • How Issues of Limbic Delay and Epigenetics Impacts the Gifted Children's Development of Their Social/Emotional/Intellectual Selves
  • Reframing 'Normality' in Gifted/2e Children
  • Common Social/Emotional Issues with Asynchronous Gifted Individuals
  • Understanding Perfectionism, Isolation, Executive Functioning, Fatigue and Self Esteem in Gifted/2e Children
  • Strategies to Deal with Common Issues and How to Develop Our Gifted/2e Children's Superpowers

Week / Session 4

Anxiety - Understanding Its Impact on the Gifted/2e Individual and the Family

  • Understand the Link Between Anxiety and the Brain
  • Define and Discuss What Anxiety is and How it Affects the Body
  • Understand the Roles of Sensory Integration, the Limbic System and Executive Functioning Skills in Anxiety and Fear
  • Develop a Better Awareness About the Effects of Our Anxiety on Others
  • Examine the Different Types of Anxiety, Key Symptoms and Diagnostic Clarifications
  • Tackling Social Anxiety and Redefine What Social Success Means for Neurodiverse Individuals and How to Live Without Judgement

Week / Session 5

Parenting the Whole Family - Effective Communication and Advocacy Strategies

  • Learn Effective Communication Techniques for Resolving Internal Conflict and Stress as it Relates to Living in a Neurodiverse Environment
  • How to Effectively Advocate for Your Children in Various Situations including Schools, Extended Family Interactions and the Greater Community
  • How to Navigate the Educational Institutions and Make Optimal Choices for Your Children
  • What it Means to Parent a Neurodivergent Child and Learn Effective Strategies for Discipline, Family Management, Atypical Development, Self Regulation, Diet/Food Sensitivities and More

Week / Session 6

Parent and Family Self Care and Support

  • Find Your Community - Your Village People!
  • Learn helpful tips and strategies that work for each stage of your neurodiverse child's age and development milestones
  • Join Like-Minded Parent/Support Groups
  • Make Time for Yourself with Passion/Special Interest Activities (Groups)
  • Make Time With Your Spouse/Significant Other/Partner/Friends
  • Make Time With Your Family - Take That Vacation/Staycation!
  • Find Healthy Ways to Channel Your Stress and Take Care of Your Entire Self (Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual)
  • Get Outside Help When You Need It!!
  • Wrap up and Complete Your Family Action Plan - Let's Do This!!

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