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"Never give to survival the attributes of success.  We were meant to thrive and to triumph through it!"

Gifted and Thriving is dedicated to the holistic development and support of the Gifted/Twice-Exceptional (2e) community

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Gifted & Thriving's Mission

Our mission at Gifted and Thriving is to create supportive, educated and healthy communities by providing educational support and services to parents, teachers, families, gifted adults and all who interact and are involved with the Gifted and Twice-Exceptional (2e) populations so that they can reach their full potential in the classroom, on the job, at home and in life.

One of the most common issues for parents, and even educators, is the question of how to properly support both gifted and twice-exceptional children/students. While the answer can be complex, the most important component is the development of emotional and social skills that will endow them with a foundation for academic and life long success. Indeed this will give the gifted/2e individual confidence to tackle the challenges that they will inevitably face in life,  and it is important to remember that it is never too late to begin the process!

What does it mean to be Gifted and Twice-Exceptional? Watch Dr. Mike's recent webinar in ADDitude Magazine titled " 2e 101: A Parents' Guide to Understanding and Supporting Twice-Exceptional Children"

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Read Dr. Mike's recent book "The Inconvenient Student" where he tackles the problem of identifying gifted kids who are also twice-exceptional and explains in detail what these children are like and how to accommodate their needs in the regular classroom so that they can strengthen their weaknesses and maximize their strengths.


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Impact Parents Podcast Episode: What It Means To Be Gifted and Twice- Exceptional (2e)

  • the importance of social/emotional development in gifted individuals
  • some of the shortcomings in society to recognize and really address these kids’ challenges

Listen to Impact Parents Podcast Episode as special Guest, Dr. Michael Postma joins us to explain all of this and more.

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Gifted and Thriving's Products and Services

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Gifted and Thriving offers online educational courses, Signature Series Webinars, onsite and online workshops, books/articles along with many other resources to support families, educators and adults in the gifted/2e community.

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Gifted and Thriving offers many different support services for families, schools/educators as well as mental health professionals.  Consulting and coaching, gifted/2e educational programming and school development,  special event and conference planning, keynote and event speaking, as well as parent/family and educator community support groups are just some of the many services we offer and have a long history of success and experience in providing.

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Check out Gifted and Thriving's YouTube Channel, where Dr. Mike shares his knowledge, stories, tips and insights from his years in serving and supporting the gifted/2e community. Also check out our Podcast and Blog where we'll share stories of "Profiles in Giftedness" and some variety lifestyle topics as well.  After all, we all need to have some fun and laughs in our journies too!

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Watch Popular Signature Series Webinar on 2e Brain Processing Speed Now

Gifted and Thriving's original Signature Series Live Webinars with Dr. Mike and special guests share information on relevant and timely topics that the Gifted/2e community needs most to understand, learn more about and support the holistic needs of the Gifted/2e individual.

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Dr. Jim Delisle

"Educating the gifted/2e child is no easy task.  Mike (Dr. Postma) has succeeded in addressing this challenge in such a way that the community of parents and educators see him for what he is:  an effective, knowledgeable advocate for gifted/2e children."

Dr. Dan Peters

"Having co-presented and co-authored papers with Mike (Dr. Postma), I can attest to his sophisticated understanding of the issues that interplay and impact gifted children.  Mike thoroughly understands what gifted children need to learn, grow and thrive."

Robert, Lianne, Nicholas

"We are very fortunate to have met Dr. Postma a few years ago at a SENG conference. He has been working with our young adult 2E son to alleviate his anxiety and to improve his self-confidence. Dr. Postma has been able to quickly gain our son's trust and to develop a plan to bolster his executive functioning skills. Dr. Postma not only coaches our son, he also provides invaluable support and advice to us as well. Our son is now a happier person and is enrolled in a fully-time computer animation course.  We look forward to continue building upon our family's relationship with Dr. Postma."

Darla and Brent V.

 "Our family has gained clarity and understanding while working with Dr. Mike.  His knowledge, understanding, and calm way of coming alongside us while parenting a neuro-diverse teenager, has brought that same calmness into our home.  Our son also looks forward to their time together because he feels heard, understood, and gains insight from their conversations.  We treasure having resources like Dr. Mike and Julie at Gifted and Thriving on our team." 

Diane Borgmann, Head of School, Sycamore School

"Dr. Michael Postma presented at Sycamore School's Gifted Summit 2019, a national conference for educators from independent schools with missions to serve gifted children.  Michael was a keynote presenter and also led breakout sessions dealing with neurodiversity in gifted and 2e children and how it impacts academic, social, and emotional development.  Using the latest brain research, Michael helped his audiences understand the academic, social, and emotional needs of their students.  Michael's deep expertise and experience, coupled with his generosity of time and talent, enhanced the conference experience for all who attended."

Dr. and Mrs. Randal S.

"We knew that our son was very bright and had ADHD.  What we did not know was that this combination was loaded with the challenges of what we now understand as the twice-exceptional (2e) child.  When our son rapidly imploded, going from a straight "A" student to being incapacitated with anxiety and depression, we were utterly devastated and hopeless.  We were blessed to discover Dr. Mike Postma.  In our first phone call, he immediately understood and articulated what we were experiencing and assured us that our son's path, while very difficult, was actually very common for exceptionally intelligent children.  Mike has walked this path before and has been an anchor of stability for us as we navigate our son's path forward.  We highly recommend that parents who find themselves in similar situations allow Mike to educated them and give them the tools they need to effectively help their child. While we have education consultants and others on our "team", Mike remains as our primary source of reason while we guide our son on his journey."

Meet Dr. Mike 

Hello! I'm Dr. Mike Postma, an educator, speaker, author, consultant and coach residing in beautiful Bellingham, WA.  Together with my wife, Julie, we have raised our own 4 gifted/2e children and know how difficult this journey can be.  That is one reason I have dedicated my life work to the holistic development of the gifted/2e community.  In my 20+ year career, I've served as a gifted teacher in the classroom, as an administrator of gifted schools, as a professional developer of gifted programming and curriculum and as Executive Director of the SENG organization (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted), and now launching our brand new company Gifted & Thriving, LLC.  I look forward to spending time together with you to learn how we can best teach and support this exceptional community so we can all move from a place of just surviving to THRIVING!  I look forward to the journey with you!

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