Signature Series Webinars

Mike Postma, Ed.D. and special guest experts share information on relevant and timely topics that the Gifted/2e community needs most to understand, learn more about and support the holistic needs of the Gifted/2e individual.

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Where’s My Motivation?

How Gifted/2e Teens and Young Adults Can Overcome Inertia and Find Purpose
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Dealing with Addiction and Its Relationship to the Gifted/2e Population

Processes, Prevention, and Positivity
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Beyond Identification:

Effective Practices and Models in Gifted and Multi-Exceptional Education
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Gift-a-Palooza Summit Recordings

Our Annual Virtual Summit on Giftedness & Neurodiversity

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Gift-a-Palooza 2024

Navigating an Uncertain Future: Cultivating & Nurturing Hope in the Gifted Community

35+ Presentations by Top Experts in Gifted/2e & Neurodiversity!

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Gift-a-Palooza 2023

From Surviving to Thriving

30+ Presentations by Top Experts in Gifted/2e & Neurodiversity!

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Gift-a-Palooza 2022

Gifted/2e Over a Lifetime

30+ Presentations by Top Experts in Gifted/2e & Neurodiversity!

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Gifted & Thriving's Mission

Our mission at Gifted and Thriving is to create supportive, educated and healthy communities by providing educational support and services to parents, teachers, families, gifted adults and all who interact and are involved with the Gifted and Twice-Exceptional (2e) populations so that they can reach their full potential in the classroom, on the job, at home and in life.

How do we properly support the gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) community?

While the answer can be complex, the most important component is the development of emotional and social skills that will endow them with a foundation for academic and life long success.

The first step is to teach metacognition; a positive self image that accepts neurodivergence as an asset, not an issue.

This basis will then provide a platform from which social, emotional, and intellectual growth can be nurtured, thus giving the gifted/2e individual the confidence to tackle the challenges that will inevitably come in life.

That is the mission of Gifted & Thriving. To be able to provide education, resources and support, teaching and training materials, and HOPE to assist in that challenging journey.

Remember, it is never too late to begin!

Products & Services

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Dr. Michael Postma offers coaching for families, gifted adults, as well as tutoring for students in order to help gifted or twice-exceptional children or teens¬†develop a solid metacognitive sense of self that enables the building of confidence in oneself and how that applies to all situations‚Äďwhether in school, at home or in the community.
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Join us for our monthly live signature series webinars and access recordings from previous webinars! Gifted & Thriving's Signature Series Webinars with Dr. Mike and special guest experts share information on relevant and timely topics that the Gifted/2e community needs most to understand, learn more about and support the holistic needs of the Gifted/2e individual.
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 Keynote Sessions
Conference Sessions
School Workshops
& More!
Invite Dr. Michael Postma, Ed.D. to speak at your next event! Dr. Mike speaks both nationally and internationally on a wide variety of topics within the field of education, neurodiversity, giftedness and multi-exceptionalities.
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Gifted and Thriving offers pre-recorded, self-paced courses for a variety of audiences and topics related to giftedness, twice-exceptionality and neurodiversity. Additionally, we offer various LIVE workshops throughout the year. They're typically 6 weeks long and include live group meetings, video lessons, online discussions, the development of a unique individual or family plan and more!
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Dr. Postma assists schools with developing and improving Gifted and 2e programs and providing teacher training workshops on various topics.  Dr. Postma has experience with full program evaluation, including identification procedures, pedagogical delivery, assessment, curriculum & instruction design.
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Stay tuned for our podcast and blog, where we'll share stories of "Profiles in Giftedness" and some variety lifestyle topics as well. After all, we all need to have some fun and laughs on our journeys, too!

Also, stay tuned for our Gifted and Thriving's YouTube Channel, where Dr. Mike shares his knowledge, will share stories, tips and insights from his years in serving and supporting the gifted/2e community. Coming soon!

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The Inconvenient Student

Critical Issues in the Identification and Education of Twice-Exceptional Students

By Dr. Michael Postma

Read Dr. Mike's recent book "The Inconvenient Student," where he tackles the problem of identifying gifted kids who are also twice-exceptional and explains in detail what these children are like and how to accommodate their needs in the regular classroom so that they can strengthen their weaknesses and maximize their strengths.

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"Never give to survival the attributes of success.  We were meant to thrive and to triumph through it!"

Gifted and Thriving is dedicated to the holistic development and support of the Gifted/Twice-Exceptional (2e) community

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Featured Gifted and 2e Resources

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A 2E Survival Guide: A Practical Guide for Understanding 2E Students with 2E Checklist
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ADDitude Expert Webinar

2e 101: A Parents' Guide to Understanding and Supporting Twice-Exceptional Children

This webinar will outline the latest neurological research on the twice-exceptional brain and how it affects self-understanding.

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Impact Parents Interview

What It Means To Be Gifted and Twice- Exceptional (2e)

We discuss what it means to be 2e, the importance of social/emotional development in gifted individuals and some of society's shortcomings in recognizing and addressing 2e challenges.

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Meet Dr. Michael Postma

Hello! I'm Dr. Mike Postma, an educator, speaker, author, consultant and coach residing in beautiful Bellingham, WA.

Together with my wife, Julie, we have raised our own 4 gifted/2e children and know how difficult this journey can be. That is one reason why I have dedicated my life work to the holistic development of the gifted/2e community.

In my 25+ year career, I've served as a gifted teacher in the classroom, as an administrator of gifted schools, as a professional developer of gifted programming and curriculum and as Executive Director of the SENG organization (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted), and now leading our company as President of Gifted & Thriving, LLC.

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I look forward to spending time together with you to learn how we can best teach and support this exceptional community. We can all move from a place of just surviving to THRIVING!

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