Gift-a-Palooza 2023

Gifted & Thriving's 2nd Annual Virtual Summit on Giftedness & Neurodiversity
This 3-day celebration is dedicated to helping individuals and families in our Gifted and Multi-Exceptional community move from a place of surviving to thriving – by coming together to share and explore our unique experiences, challenges and joys.

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Who is This Summit For?

The Gift-a-Palooza is designed for those in Gifted/Multi-Exceptional community as well as those who are looking to learn more about Giftedness and Neurodiversity, including:

- Gifted and Multi-Exceptional individuals and families

- Health professionals

- Educators and school professionals

- Community workers and caregivers

and more!


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Experience the 3-day event with LIVE presentations by top experts in the fields of Giftedness and Multi-Exceptionality.

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Learning, connection and support with others in the incredible Gifted and 2e community! (Don't forget to join our Social Hour!)

Meet the Hosts!

Hello, and welcome!
We are so thrilled to be here with you on this journey of learning, supporting, understanding and THRIVING as a gifted, multi-exceptional / neurodiverse individual. We get it! With our family of 7 (now, thankfully it is growing!), we have literally experienced it all.  And we know just how hard it is to barely survive in a world that does not understand us.

We are so excited for our 2nd annual Gift-a-Palooza event, where we will be learning together, sharing and just feeling a sense of community together. Let's make this the best experience possible. We hope you join us!

Mike and Julie Postma,
Co-founders of Gifted & Thriving

Learn More About Our Family

Speakers & Topics

"From Surviving to Thriving"

February 2-4, 2023

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Keynote Speakers

Dr. Matt Zakreski Portrait

Dr. Matt Zakreski

Thursday, Feb 2

I'm in the Business of Hope: How to Keep Believing When Things Feel Impossible

Emily Kircher-Morris Portrait

Emily Kircher-Morris

Friday, Feb 3

Life at Both Ends of the Bell Curve

Dr. Joy Lawson Davis Portrait

Dr. Joy Lawson Davis

Saturday, Feb 4

A Shifting Tide: Creating Conditions Where Diverse Neurodiverse Communities Grow, Survive, Create, and Thrive!

Live Presentation Speakers

Dianne Allen Portrait

Dianne Allen

Thursday, Feb 2

Intuition and Creativity: How to Thrive While Embracing Multipotentialities

Dr. Paul Beljan Portrait

Dr. Paul Beljan

Saturday, Feb 4

A Brain Based Approach to the Management of Asynchronous Development and Emotion Outcomes in Gifted Children

Jacqueline Byrne Portrait

Jacqueline Byrne

Saturday, Feb 4

College Admissions Testing for 2e Students

Dr. Jaime Castellano Portrait

Dr. Jaime Castellano

Thursday, Feb 2

Barrio Boys: Poor, Gifted, Hispanic: Implications for Social and Emotional Growth

Linda Collins Portrait

Linda Collins

Saturday, Feb 4

Walk Out of a Meeting Smiling? Provocative Teaming Ideas for 2e Students, Parents, and Educators

Austina De Bonte Portrait

Austina De Bonte

Friday, Feb 3

Getting to the Root of 2E: Beyond The Usual Suspects

Dr. Erinn Fears Floyd Portrait

Dr. Erinn Fears Floyd

Thursday, Feb 2

Finding and Supporting Genius: Equitable Gifted Identification of Neurodivergent African American and Latinx Students

Deb Gennarelli Portrait

Deborah Gennarelli

Thursday, Feb 2

Twice Exceptional Boys: A Roadmap to Getting it Right

Gil Gershoni Portrait

Gil Gershoni

Thursday, Feb 2

From Disability to Hyper-ability: An Interview with Gil Gershoni (hosted by Dr. Michael Postma)

Dr. Cynthia Hansen Portrait

Dr. Cynthia Hansen

Thursday, Feb 2

Exploring Diverse Minds: Using Gameplay to Help Twice-Exceptional Learners Embrace Positive Self-Identities

Dr. Cynthia Hansen Portrait

P. Susan Jackson

Saturday, Feb 4

Aligning With the Profound Learning Code of Each (matchless) Gifted Child: A Reimagination of Purpose

Dr. Jessical Koehler Portrait

Dr. Jessica Koehler

Friday, Feb 3

Twice Exceptional: Not Otherwise Specified: Raising Orchids in a Field of Dandelions

Eric Windhorst Portrait

Dr. Jessica Manzone

 Friday, Feb 3

The Home and Community Connections Model: Creating Culturally Sustainable Instruction for 2e Students (Presenting with Dr. Julia Nyberg)

Rebecca Niederlander Portrait

Rebecca Niederlander

Friday, Feb 3

Chronically Gifted, Chronically Ill

Dr. Julia Nyberg Portrait

Dr. Julia Nyberg

Friday, Feb 3

The Home and Community Connections Model: Creating Culturally Sustainable Instruction for 2e Students (Presenting with Dr. Jessica Manzone)

Dr. Megan Parker Peters Portrait

Dr. Megan Parker Peters

Friday, Feb 3

Assessing & Supporting 2e Learners: Guidance for Practitioners and Families

Seth Perler Portrait

Seth Perler

Saturday, Feb 4

How to Have a "Holistic" Approach to Supporting Executive Function

Eric Windhorst Portrait

Dr. Michael Postma

Saturday, Feb 4

Understanding the G/2e Brain, Q&A with Doc P

Paula Prober Portrait

Paula Prober

Friday, Feb 3

Guidance for Gifted Adults: Understanding Your Rainforest Mind

Debbie Reber Portrait

Debbie Reber

Friday, Feb 3

Managing Our Energy & Emotional Resources

Dr. Sharon Saline Portrait

Dr. Sharon Saline

Thursday, Feb 2

Reduce Conflict and Build Cooperation in Families with ADHD

Day Sanchez Portrait

Day Sanchez

Saturday, Feb 4

Helping Gifted Children Thrive in the Age of Uncertainty

Julie Skolnick Portrait

Julie Skolnick

Friday, Feb 3

Cycle for Success: Teaching and Parenting 2e

Marc Smolowitz Portrait

Marc Smolowitz

Friday, Feb 3

Bringing Giftedness, Equity & Joy Into Focus: Building a Better Future for Gifted, Talented & Neurodiverse Populations

Todd Stanley Portrait

Todd Stanley

Thursday, Feb 2

Developing Grit in Gifted Students

Callie Turk Portrait

Callie Turk

Saturday, Feb 4

Creativity, Dyslexia, & Race: Intersectional Neurodiversity as a Defining Trait of Octavia E. Butler

Christine Turo-Shields Portrait

Christine Turo-Shields

Friday, Feb 3

The Gifted Journey of Existential Depression: Making Meaning out of Bittersweet Emotions

Eric Windhorst Portrait

Dr. Eric Windhorst

Friday, Feb 3

Deep Roots and Wide Wings: Cultivating Authentic Growth in the Gifted

Pre-recorded Presentation Speakers

Jonathan Plucker Portrait

Dr. Jonathan Plucker

Helping Children Become More Creative

Dr. Gail Post Portrait

Dr. Gail Post

How the Heck Do You Discipline a Gifted Child? Using Positive Strategies to Manage Misbehavior

Lijnie Reijers Portrait

Lijnie Reijers

Vulnerability vs. Resilience: Are the Gifted Better Equipped to Deal with Trauma?

Samuel Young Portrait

Samuel Young

RS2e: Reimagining Socializing for Twice-Exceptional Students

Special Events

Gordon Smith's Portrait

An Evening of Improv

Gordon Smith

Thursday, Feb 2
6:30 pm EST

Perfect is Boring. Improv Comedy for Gifted People.

Image of young adults on a hill, talking and laughing

Young Adults Panel

Mia Abernathy, Ryan Kricker & Jordan O'Kelley

Friday, Feb 3
6:30 pm EST

Surviving to Thriving as a Teen/Young Adult

Event Schedule

& Presentation Descriptions:

What do the terms Neurodivergent and Neurodiversity mean? 


Traditionally, Neurodivergent is a term that refers to those persons whose 'neurological differences are to be recognized and respected as any other human variation.' Generally speaking, this always meant those with noticeable learning differences, such as autism, dyslexia, ADHD and others.

However, given new revelations in brain research (especially research pertaining to Gifted and/or Multi-Exceptional brains), we are seeing that Neurodiversity applies to a much broader group of people, which includes giftedness, trauma, anxiety, and even auditory or visual processing issues.

So what is Neurodiversity? It's complex. These brains are metaphysically different from their typical peers, and are thus Neurodivergent  which is what we're looking forward to addressing in-depth together in this summit!

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