2 Live Webinars Bundle:

#1: Nov. 28th 2022
"What About Me? Gifted Parents Parenting Gifted Kids" feat. Dr. Bagley


#2: Dec. 5th 2022
"Perfectionism and Underachievement: One and the Same?"
feat. Dr. Zakresi

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What About Me? Gifted Parents Parenting Gifted Kids

Live Webinar
Monday, Nov. 28th
5pm PT / 8pm ET

Much research around giftedness revolves around the development and education of youth. Parents of the gifted rarely receive support for their own journey and thus, lack a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be a gifted adult. We'll take a close look at adult giftedness and what that means in the context of raising a gifted family.
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Perfectionism and Underachievement: One and the Same?

Live Webinar
Monday, Dec. 5th
5pm PT / 8pm ET

As gifted persons strive to achieve their innate potential, they can be plagued by excessive negative rumination around unrealistic goals and expectations leading to anxiety, stress, fear of failure, and eventually, underachievement that, in turn, can seriously hinder the pursuit of happiness and success. Join Drs Matt and Mike as they explore issues, strategies, and solutions around perfectionism, and it's ugly cousin, underachievement.
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Anxiety & Neurodiversity Workshop for Teens and Young Adults

Group Workshop
Winter 2023

This workshop is designed to bring together and support neurodivergent teens and young adults who struggle with anxiety. Gain tools, insight, practice and peer connections to help you better manage anxiety and live with more confidence on your personal journey to, and through, adulthood.
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Neurodiversity: Fostering Social, Emotional & Academic Growth of our Gifted/2e Students

Online Workshop

This seven-session, pre-recorded, online teacher training workshop will cover the entire scope and sequence of how to teach the social and emotional foundations for your gifted/2e students.
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