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Coaching with Dr. Mike Postma

For Families with Gifted or 2e Kids or Teens


In the modern era of high stakes education, gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) children and teens are often ignored by an educational system that lacks the resources, knowledge and even motivation to sustain their academic, social and emotional needs.

Given their atypical neurodevelopment, characterized by significant gaps between intellectual prowess and social/emotional delay, these individuals require specific training focused on challenges with executive functioning, emotional control, social skills and metacognition; skills needed to thrive in school, college and the work force.

Tutoring with Dr. Mike Postma

For Gifted or 2e Kids or Teens

One of the biggest challenges facing our g/2e population is finding success in the educational realm. Whether at school or in homeschooling, or students tend to struggle with executive functioning skills such as organization, completing tasks, turning in assignments, or simply transitioning between classes.

Dr. Postma works with students to remedy these struggles by employing techniques to help 2e students successfully manage their days. Beginning with prioritization, the students learn to organize both their daily, short and long term goals through the development of engagement and passion in various academic fields.

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With more than two decades of experience working with (and raising) gifted and 2e children, Dr. Postma has the unparalleled credentials to provide your family with the tools necessary to experience success at both home and beyond.


I have a holistic approach that includes working with both the child/children and the parents.

Unlike a classical psychological approach (I am not a psychologist or therapist), I focus on strengths and interests first to assist with the areas of challenge.

We begin with examining the underpinnings of asynchrony that can be found in understanding atypical metaphysical development of gifted/2e children.

Then, we move into developing a solid metacognitive sense of self that enables the building of confidence in oneself and how that applies to all situations–whether in school, at home or in the community. 

We then design strategies to overcome the challenges.

Weeks 1 & 2

Gathering Information

I meet with the parent(s)/guardian(s) to discuss the issues/challenges that the child is struggling with. The child may also be introduced during these weeks.

This can include any assessment information, narratives, school experiences, social records and anything relevant to the child's past.

I also ask the parents to compose a developmental history of the child to assist in determining root causes.

Week 2 may also include a review of information and/or videos related to atypical neurodevelopment and how that influences the development of schema (or self).

Weeks 3 & 4

Developing a Plan

The development of a plan to move forward to assist the child in developing a positive metacognitive process of self-acceptance.

Again, this is completed with the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the child (if the child is mature enough).

It is important for the child to develop a positive narrative–one that reflects their strengths, interests, abilities and connections–to enable them to face life's ongoing challenges.

Week 5 & Beyond

Implementing the Plan

Once a plan is put in place, we work together to move forward implementing it and adjusting it as needed.

In most cases, the parent(s)/guardian(s) are involved weekly.

With older children, those parental check-ins may be bi-weekly.


One-Time Retainer Fee:  $250
Required before the first visit

Initial Consultation:  Free  ($175 value)
1 hour session

Bi-Weekly Sessions:  $300 / monthly
~ 1 hour sessions

Weekly Sessions:  $500 / monthly
~ 1 hour sessions

*Please contact us to discuss pricing for your individual needs.


Monthly pricing includes:

 ✔️ Access to contact Dr. Mike on an as-needed basis

✔️ Access to Gifted & Thriving's community support groups

✔️ Access to webinars and resources to help families understand their gifted/2e journeys

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