Dr. Postma's Book's and Articles

Dr. Postma has written two books on the topics of twice-exceptional students and one on the impact of history standards on minority populations.  He is currently working on a third book on neurodevelopment with Dr. Matt Zakreski with expected completion in the fall of 2021.  He has also authored and co-authored a number of articles published in many outlets.  

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Dr. Michael Postma's Articles

In Dr. Postma's over 20+ year career in supporting the holistic needs of the Gifted/2e population, he has authored and co-authored a number of articles on various topics such as educating the gifted/2e, supporting the social and emotional needs of  gifted/2e individuals, understanding how the gifted/2e brain is "wired" and how  to provide the right fit in all areas of life - home family, education, work and community.  Check them out here!

Processing Speed and the Gifted/2e Child
2e Survival Guide
RTI and the Gifted Child: What Every Parent Should Know
Twice-Exceptional Students: An Endangered Species?
The Homework Dilemma
The Fatigue Factor
The Holy Grail: A Parent's Guide to Finding the Appropriate Education for the Gifted/2e Child
Understanding the Twice-Exceptional (2e) Brain
In Defense of the Appropriate Schooling for the Gifted/2e Child
Learning Strategies for Gifted/2e Children with Specific Exceptionalities
Benny and Me
Hey Benny, What's New?
Building Metacognition in Gifted Students for Future Success
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