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The Inconvenient Student

Critical Issues in the Identification and Education of Twice-Exceptional Students

By Dr. Michael Postma

Read Dr. Mike's recent book "The Inconvenient Student," where he tackles the problem of identifying gifted kids who are also twice-exceptional and explains in detail what these children are like and how to accommodate their needs in the regular classroom so that they can strengthen their weaknesses and maximize their strengths.

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Articles by Dr. Postma

In Dr. Postma's 20+ year career in supporting the holistic needs of the Gifted/2e population, he has authored and co-authored a number of articles on various topics such as educating the gifted/2e, supporting the social and emotional needs of  gifted/2e individuals, understanding how the gifted/2e brain is "wired" and how  to provide the right fit in all areas of life - home family, education, work and community.

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The Homework Dilemma
The Fatigue Factor
Benny and Me
Hey Benny, What's New?
Processing Speed and the Gifted/2e Child
Understanding the Twice-Exceptional (2e) Brain
Twice-Exceptional Students: An Endangered Species?
RTI and the Gifted Child: What Every Parent Should Know
In Defense of the Appropriate Schooling for the Gifted/2e Child
Building Metacognition in Gifted Students for Future Success
The Holy Grail: A Parent's Guide to Finding the Appropriate Education for the Gifted/2e Child
Learning Strategies for Gifted/2e Children with Specific Exceptionalities