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Dr. Michael Postma, Ed.D. assists schools and organizations with developing and improving programs that help gifted and twice-exceptional students THRIVE.

Whether you're creating a brand new program or seeking to evaluate and improve one you already have, Dr. Postma offers the knowledge, experience, vision and drive to help you build an effective and successful program.

Work with Dr. Postma for support with your program's:

✔️  Planning
✔️  Design
✔️  Evaluation


Dr. Michael Postma's Experience:

Dr. Michael Postma has experience with full program evaluation, including:

  • Identification procedures
  • Pedagogical delivery
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum
  • Instruction design

Additionally, Dr. Postma designed the Minnetonka Navigator Program, a magnet school for highly gifted/2e students, which included:

  • Building a case to the school board, parents and community–explaining the why and how for the program–for approval and funding.
  • Selecting appropriate curriculum, teachers, staff, location, design and more.

It is currently a highly effective elementary model that has provided the basis for gifted schools across the United States.

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