Support and Community Groups

Support Groups

Throughout the year, Gifted & Thriving hosts a variety of support groups for families and individuals based on special topics or just general support.

Current and relevant topics are discussed along with solutions and resources shared within the group.

 We also hold special book groups throughout the year, as well as topic-focused workshops/support groups.

Current Support Groups:

More information coming soon!

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Amy (Gifted Adult with Gifted Children)

"Dr. Mike and Julie form a team like no other. They bring together a wealth of knowledge from the theoretical to effective hands-on strategies. They understand the mental and emotional challenges their gifted clients face and most importantly, they offer lived experience as both gifted individuals and parents. You will find no more true and dedicated folks ready to offer you the support, community, and encouragement you need on this journey."

Molly and Jason (Gifted Adults Parenting Gifted Children)

"Mike Postma has been a tremendous resource and ally for our family of three. I contacted him after listening to him present his research at a SENG mini conference in 2018. At the presentation, I was impressed with the research and Mike's style of delivery. He was communicating about neuroscience, but his delivery was not obtuse or inaccessible. He seemed to have an intuitive understanding about the challenges that come with understanding, appreciating and supporting atypical kids as they navigate social systems that were not created to support them"